Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Adam and Eve's Victoria.

Victoria 1

How come when they ask you in Sunday School about what Bible Story you want to do at this years pageant, everyone gets all uppity when you mention Adam and Eve?

Everyone gets all hung up on the nudity but seriously there are lots of worse stories in the Bible involving nudity etc.

Victoria 2

I mean think of the roles ... someone can be Adam, Eve, Satan and/or the serpent (actually several little kids could do the serpent thing like a Chinese dragon) - you can have a tree, a bunch playing fig leaves and then of course .. the apple. You could give that apple meaning and a personality - cause he was just a pawn in the whole game, imagine how he felt being chosen to forever represent the downfall of man??? A good method actor could have really done the apple justice and made us weep with the moment .....

And then we could have all had apple juice afterwards and symbolically show our support by sharing the apple's tears ... or we would all be corrupted too ... I get confused over that part but you can see how this could be really good ....

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