Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fly Them To The Moon.


I always like watching the news when people in airports get pissed on account of the airlines won't fly.


Like they ground the planes because flying into an ash cloud could result in the engines failing and the plane crashing and there is a huge cloud of ash that is up there. People crab and complain and get all mad at the girl behind the counter cause you have to know she personally caused the ash cloud .. damn them and their days off.

And then they are like whining even more because "... that airline is going to go, we wanna go, why can't you go if they are going?"


I say just agree with them - life is about doing what everyone else is doing so you are not left out, load them on the planes, head for the ash cloud and comfort their families with the fact that they may all be dead but at least they got on the plane and got their free drink and stale peanuts ... which was, after all, their dying wish ....

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EYES: Fashism
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SHOES: Sim-i-lar
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