Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Forever in Blue Jeans.


You can only get away with some things once ... like going to the grandparents and saying ... "hey, these old jeans have rips in them (pay no attention to the neat scissor mark "tears" in the boot cut farm jeans (ugh give me bell bottoms or I die))would it be alright, instead of throwing them out, if I cut them off at and make shorts out of them ... seems a shame to waste them??"


Of course frugal minds were all over that and I got a pat on the head for a change which my sore butt really appreciated ... too much attention is not always a good thing.

So I cut them and wore them out proudly ....

"OHHHHHH..." as Humpydora lept up to cover Biffy's eyes. "There are ... you are ... ... your ...is ...cheek ...hanging out ... too short ..." (you need to gasp as you say these like you are choking ... hey this might be a good time to bond with that HR bitch that hates you. Call her down to your desk and ask, for the purpose of recreating this scene and getting totally into my post .. if she can choke you while you say that last line again - but DO have someone who likes you supervise .. just in case. If you turn blue .. STOP!)

Biff got her hands off his eyes and I looked down at myself and conceded ... "Ya, the pockets do hang out but that is kinda the look, I can tuck them up in my panties if that helps..."

Grandmas can't say bum, butt, ass ... so as long as I pretended not to understand what she was pointing at .. it was all good. Grandmas can't run as fast as teenagers either.


Parents always ruin the best outfits by pointing out the very thing you love about the look ... like "...the ends of your jeans are all frayed and dragging on the ground ..."

"I know .. isn't that cool?"

"your jeans are so faded and old looking ..."

"I know!! I washed them 100 times..."

"Your make up is smudged and messy..."

"WHOOT .. exactly the look I was going for..."

"Your dress is caught up in your pantyhose, I can see your panties ..."

"Exactly!! Can you move? That guy is checking me out and you are blocking my light!"

SKIN: Al Vulo
LASHES: Damned
EYES: Fashism
OUTFIT: AE Clothing
BELT: JandW Jewelers
PURSE: Baiastice
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