Thursday, June 30, 2011

Have You Hugged Your Trench Coat Lately?


We talk about the plights of lots of things but when is the last time you considered the trench coat?


Imagine all those years, stuck in trenches in the middle of some God forsaken war ... where people had other things on their minds other than appreciating all the snappy detailing ....

Years later as more light weight material .. although who does not love a good weighted serge ... personally I think more wedding dresses should be made of serge .. just to help the bride realize the seriousness of what she is about to do ...

...oh ya ... years later .. blah blah ... it is remade with a more light weight gabardine, some more doo dads added and voila ... it was out of the trenches and into main stream. Perverts everywhere, always quick to jump all over fashion trends, immediately got naked, put on their work boots and trench coats, and began to roam. It was a coat that made such a statement, nothing more was needed to be worn. Well .... it made a statement UNTIL they opened it up wide in front of some poor unsuspecting victim. Usually at that point the statement was wayyyyy overstated and it is reported some loud laughing ensued which probably was the beginning of the whole penile implant trend.


And of course us women, doing what we women do, slapped it out of men's hands and said, "here give me that thing (the coat NOT the penis)..." and we made it fashion!!!

Take your trench coat to lunch today and appreciate the hard journey it made to your closet!

SKIN: Curio
EYES: Fashism
LASHES: Damned
Lingere: Seldom Blue
SHOES: Maitreya
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