Friday, June 24, 2011

How Exciting Are Pajama Blue Jeans?


I was waiting to go into a meeting the other day and the television was on in the hotel and there was a commercial on about pajamas that look like blue jeans.


They have stretch and all the little detailing without needing to be spatula'd into your real blue jeans and they fit everyone - hugging all your curves and hey .. they are so gosh darn comfortable you will want to sleep in them ... jog in them ... go shopping in them .. travel in them and even go out for a hot evening.

These blue jean jammies are so spectacular you will be the sexiest sex bomb ever and all the while .. comfortable as all get out.


New love words will be invented just for you ... like "flannel ass" comes to mind ... and "Fleecy hochie momma." I am sure we will see the rappers incorporating this into their songs any day. This is a revolution.

Oh just a couple of things though .. take off the cow slippers .... it is sort of a dead give away ... and um .. after you travel, shop, jog, sleep and date in them ... they sort of stand up on their own .. which evidently is not a good thing. I actually went back to wearing my little pony jammies out on dates ....

EYES: Fashism
LASHES: Amacci
TOP: Malt
JEANS: Seldom Blue
SHOES: Pixel Mode
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