Friday, June 3, 2011

Imaginary Friends.


I always wanted to be someone's imaginary friend.


I figured the expectations were less stressful .. I mean if you did not show up for example, who could prove anything? If you like got sick of the person you could just disappear and there would be no drama, no whining about "what kind of friend are you?" etc.

I also thought how cool it would be if "sometimes" everyone in the family could finally see the "imaginary friend" and they would stop thinking Bliss (oops I mean "their daughter") is crazy. I could make a whole lot of healing happen .. you know??


Plus imaginary friends never have to go fetch different sizes for their friends to try on in the dressing room.

SKIN: Estyle
HAIR: Lyrique
LASHES: Amacci
EYES: Fashism
JEWELLERY: Aglaia (not inworld)
DRESS: Baiastice
POSES: Glitterati
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