Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Japanese Lanterns.


I made Japanese Lanterns once ... only cause my grandparents refused to let me buy one. They swore they were not racist or anything but they were "sure as hell were not going to have any foreign crap around the farm." Like if we ate Chinese food .... we had to go out to a restaurant. And they said they were against inter-racial dating on account of they were concerned about the poor babies - who would not belong anywhere .. which really meant "they would not belong here at our house."


Anyway I decided heck, we have made jack-o-lanterns every year at school how hard could it be? So I got some old wire, got some paper and realized it was probably not thin enough ... then I remembered that we made those cool stained glass things by putting some oil on the paper and then you saw the light better ...

.... ya ok I was 8 .. and bored out of my head ....


I don't know what the big deal was anyway about the barn burning down .. it was old and we needed a new one ... I like to take the words my grandfather used .. something like "you good for nothing little &%^&%$$$^&**!" and replace those with "a catalyst for positive change and new horizons on the prairie."

Except I am not sure I qualified. It all depended on one thing .. are most catalysts able to sit down? Cause I had to stand, or lean against a wall for about 2 months after the big "Barnfire."

LASHES: Amacci
EYES: Fashism
SHOES: BabyMonkey
POSES: V Poses
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