Friday, June 10, 2011

The OLD OLD West and my Grandparents.


My grandparents eloped in a horse and buggy.


I think that must have been the start of all those western chases .. you know where the horse and buggy are racing across the wide open prairies and the woman is hanging on to her bonnet and screaming and the guy is standing up whipping the horses, and then they replace the conveniently bonneted lady with a big dude in a dress so she does not fly off the buggy .... and because Hollywood was not that far away from the red-necked prairies ....for close ups you just get the face and a blur of film and the lady screaming, with nary a hair out of place?

And funny that dudes on horses can never catch the buggy ... that is kinda like saying sorry the guys on the motorcycles just could not catch the semi truck. Ok ...believeable ...

But anyway they eloped and managed to escape the town posse sent to fetch them when "Pa" noticed a wagon was missing and so was his daughter and the hired man. When they came back, on account of her father was a minister and obviously highly intelligent - he made her stand up in front of the church and tell them they did NOT get married because she was pregnant. I think that part comes in the service after the first hymn and right before the collection plate is passed, and then the stonings commence.


I suppose waiting until the first year of marriage passed with no offspring might have been too subtle for many of them to come to the same conclusion. But that is the way of the old westerns ... nothing makes any sense anyway ... just nod your head and let the men be men and little ladies stand back ....

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