Saturday, June 25, 2011

Penguins are the New Prozac.


I saw a clip of an interview with Canadian Jim Carey talking about the new movie he does with real life penguins.


He stated that there is something about them being on set that just lifts everyone's mood. If you are having a bad day, can't pay your bills, girlfriend left you .. you see a penguin and smile.


So I am thinking ... pharmacists should take those prozac prescriptions, rip them up and hand out penguins. Lets Penguin the world. Lets make it a practice that when two people are about to get divorced, the penguin-mobile shows up and release penguins in the house. That people sit down in a doctors office and have some penguin therapy, and that when there is a bar fight .. you save the officers and call in the penguin squad to quell the angry mob. We could do penguin drops over war torn areas ... and most importantly .. let's replace all politicians with penguins. They work for cheaper and they come with their own built in tuxes. I love it.

SKIN: Manba
HAIR: Mikan
EYES: Fashism
LASHES: Wasabi
DRESS: Manba
SHOES: Manba
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