Monday, June 6, 2011

A Sad Sad Story .. but a true one.


I have a friend who shared with me last night, after much wine ... ok neither of us could actualy SEE each other drinking but it was one of those shared moments when you just feel the wine vibe you know?...anyway she shared with me a sad sad story.


I used to feel sorry for myself on account of after years of being raised in the frozen northland and being forced to wear my brothers long johns, my cousins leotards, 6 pairs of pants, hand me down snow pants, 3 jackets, two toques, three scarves, 2 pairs of mittens, 3 pairs of socks and then boots .... and many years of therapy ....cause I have an unnatural fear that I have to go pee and cannot move and I freeze to death and no-one even knows because it is not like any of those Canadian kids placed in their yards are moving anyway .....(big breath here ...)

But then she shared her up bringing.

She told me her family made her be the dummy hand for pinochle. "I would be all like....can i play, can i play? And they would say sure, you can be the dummy hand."

OMG I cried for hours after she told me. I could see her little face pressed against the side of the table, begging ... I could see the years passing by and her in college, and then in her thirty's, (can you imagine how skilled she became at being a dummy???) still asking with the hope of the little child still inside her, begging to be allowed to join in, to find acceptance, to be part of the family. It explained so much about who she was and the deep deep shame of always being "the dummy hand."


I can't tell you her name other than to say it rhymes with "Maisley Wancaster" and the initials are PL.

I am inviting her over to play pinochle tonight, I have a chair with her name on it, a dish of peanuts just for her, and a great dummy hand she can hold (other than my hubby's I mean ....)

That's me folks, saving the world, one dummy hand at a time ... you may need a moment to fix your makeup a bit before you go back to work .. this post ... is just soooo moving ....

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