Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Science and Fashion. True Confessions.


Ok so I have to be honest. I suck at science. Like when we all had to make salt and sugar crystals and everyone added water and then ended up with beautiful little formed crystals that looked awesome under the microscope ... I poured my grey sludge on the slide and wrecked 3 microscopes (yes yes I know .. evidence of insanity ... repeating the same thing expecting different results ....)


So everyone knows that a real fashionista is also a skilled Lepidopterist or else has a friend in the wedding business whom she has pics on from that night back in high school and is blackmailing her ....

I tried to grow my own butterflies for this shoot but I never get the same result as the rest of the class and ended up with just thousands of green and orange caterpillars ... and they don't fly. Even throwing them up in the air and trying to snap the picture in time .. is not the same thing ...and pinning them onto the pic .. well that got messy ...


So please appreciate the lengths I had to go to get butterflies for this shoot ... I blackmailed a friend who has a friend in the wedding business ...

Oh .. and we are not friends anymore. Caterpillars do that to a friendship you know .. those things are evil ....

SKIN: Manba
HAIR: Lyrique
EYES: Fashism
LASHES: Amacci
DRESS: My Precious
SHOES: Slink
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