Saturday, June 18, 2011

Some Obvious Points Missed.


Old McDonald was probably a psychopath ...


Geometry is the cause - or the result figures in there somewhere though. All the boys at the country school signed up for geometry and they all excelled .. well except those that escaped and ran ...broadened their horizons, wanting to travel the world .. and took off to the big city 40 miles away to live. But the rest all got into it because all farms are big squares, the corrals - squares, the pens - squares .. everything they drive - big squares on wheels. Women feminize that by doing quilts on account of they are not supposed to touch the big farm equipment - they do of course and do it better - but they are not supposed to. THAT is definitely written on the barn wall - trust me. And they make a science of how to fit the squares together! And they worship all things square - except for curling which is also worshipped. That is circles and moose - but that was probably introduced as recreation for balance and to throw people off.

Then they get on their tractors and such and go round and round and round ... , fertilizing, ploughing, seeding, spraying, swathing, combining, baling, picking up the bales .....yup if they were sitting and rocking over in the corner we would not hesitate to recognize instability... well don't be fooled. It is the same thing. Farmers just go round and round and some of them are rocking as well ... you just can't see them in all that dust. They do this for years ...

And finally .... all psychopaths start out killing animals ... well where the heck do you think that chicken breast came from??


and THAT is just another fine example of the hard hitting news here at BLISSimo where we will go where others will not ... in fact we are so far gone where others will not that I myself have been accused of being a farmer ...

I just want to caution you ... keep an eye on those quilters because they can easily slip to the dark side .. quilting is a gateway drug into insanity!

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