Friday, June 17, 2011



I had a conversation with a friend yesterday and we decided neither one of us was "in the loop," which of course immediately led to us shopping for the T-shirt to proclaim that to the world.


We had some problem with the terminology - neither one of us having a degree in Loopology - just both having a great deal of experience in Loopdom. Were we "Loopless," like "Loopless in Larado?" Or were we "UnLooped" like "Raw and UnLooped?" Did we need a "Loopectomy" or maybe more like a "Loop Augmentation?"

Could Hula help us to find a Loop? Or was her expertise limited to "Hoops?" What is the difference other than 3 letters? Was there some secret handshake to get into the "Loop Hole?" What did one do when one finally made it into the Hole? Was their a dress code? No-one likes to be in the wrong place and be accused of being an interLooper. I had heard of going loop de loop .. but HOW??? I have never been to Loop de Lie either ... sigh ...


In the end we were just exhausted and so we sat and ate our Fruit Loops and contemplated the lint in our navels ...

If you are in the Loop ... please remember to be kind to those of us who are clearly not .... we need your patience and your kindness ... we are the UNLOOPED...we have no real looping mechanisms. We are deformed ... life is a slippery loop for us. We just dream of one day being able to "take a beat and loop it," like the rest of you ....

LASHES: Amacci
EYES: Fashism
OUTFIT: Indyra
SHOES: KristicA
EARRINGS: Lapointe & Bastchild
POSES: Striking Poses
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