Friday, July 15, 2011

An Apple A Day.


What is up with all those lies our parents told us? Where are the tribunals to hold them to task? Come on people this is serious stuff here ...


Stand up anyone who got curly hair from eating their crusts? OR hair on their chest from drinking their milk? AND if you are a woman and this happened to you .. you still have a case against your parents ...I promise ...

Hands up who missed out on ever needing a doctor on account of they ate an apple a day? Hands up who often had diarrhea on account of they ate an apple every day? How about those who have been taunted as "Old Apple breath" on account of eating so many apples? Ok and what about those of you who weep every time you see an apple head doll on account of you are so traumatized by anything apple?


And while we are at it .. whose face ever stayed that way? Eyes stayed crossed? Nose grew longer? Hand fell off?

OK ... I am calling the UN NOW!! Who is with me???

SKIN: Filthy
HAIR: Truth
EYES: Fashism
LASHES: Damned
DRESS: Tee*fy
SHOES and SOCKS: N- Core
POSES: Exposeur
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