Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Pink Fuel

Elly May from the Beverly Hillbillies was my kinda girl ... loved animals and boy crazy, was being raised by the old folks and had a brother who was dumber than bag of doorbells. I related.

Pink Fuel 2

Except that my animals were not chimps and exotic things ... mine were cows and horsies and duckies. Ever noticed that cows are just cows .. no "cowy" ... no cute name .... the most we go with is "Bossy" or "Daisy" but the thing is those names are not really cow owned and are often confusing ... do you mean my older sister, my duck, or what? Cow? ohhhhhhh....

I did like the name "Jethro" for my brother. I tried to send in the paperwork to have it changed but evidently just providing his pic and saying - could anyone look more like a "Jethro" than this dude? And pleading for the mental health of the masses who read the name "Biff" and think they are getting someone with a brain cell, only to find out they got a "Jethro" in "Biff" clothing and then are so disappointed they lead a life of dancing with prozac .... doesn't work either.

It is at times like that you need no further proof of the insanity of your parents - at least at the time of the naming of the babe ....but I guess sometimes you apply a name and hope ... pray they will grow into it ... Then there are the ones that name their kids and after they turn out so bad you look at the name and think ... well what did you expect?? "The Zodiac Killer" was going to read fortunes at a circus?????

Pink Fuel
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