Friday, July 8, 2011

Liver Damage.


I cannot believe that we used to eat liver as kids .. it really disappoints me that we were not more active and organized in our protests. I blame Biff mostly .. he was older and should have taken the lead.


When a recent medical test showed some abnormal liver readings I confessed it all ... the grandparents .. the onions, .. my ineffective brother .... The doctor kept looking at her watch and told me at about 10 PM that she really needed to go home, the cleaning people were coming soon. She wanted me to let go of her leg and get up off the floor and get a prescription filled. She was sure if I just took some pills for a couple of days it would be fine. It was probably nothing.

Ya well she did not have to fork liver into her mouth for years. I had nightmares for the next couple of days, I wandered the fields and bonded with cows and forgave them for having livers. I held their hoofs and we talked and then cried a little bit. I knew that we all have difficult childhood and that I would just have to be tough and deal with my very own debilitating illness that I could now talk about and share at all the RSL's when we go there for dinner and everyone else gets to talk about their diabetes, their heart conditions, their hemorrhoids ....

It turned out she was right and I was not dying from having been forced to eat liver as a kid .. but the resentment lingers ... and I still blame Biff ...

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