Saturday, July 9, 2011



Raised on the prairies of the Frozen Northland by Senior Citizens is probably a movie of the week waiting to be made .. just from the horror factor alone ...


It made me very aware of the benefits of restrained makeup use. I mean when you go over to your Great Great blah blah a bunch more Greats Aunt's house and you see a body slumped over in a chair, knitting fallen to the floor, face already drained of all colour .. white as white can be with blue starting to seep in ... and the smell ... OMG!!! ... you gulp and creep over because you have never actually seen a dead body that close before .... (that and your brother dared you from behind the couch where he is screaming for his mommy...)


And when you reach across her to get the cookie left on the plate (cause why waste food and her cookies are renowned and besides it may be awhile before the paramedics get there if they can even find the place ...) and she reaches out and grabs your hand in a cloud of white powder and dust and you can't breathe because somewhere inside your head there is this high pitched screaming that is sucking all the air out of the room and you realize it is you and when you finally inhale you choke on the powder .....

You realize she was not dead at all - the Avon Lady had just been by and left all her free samples of powder, blue eye shadow and perfume ... and your Great Great blah blah a bunch more Greats Aunt ... put them all on at once ....

THAT is when the important life lessons kick in ... Avon is evil, less is more, your brother is the biggest weenie ever, and you aren't going to be getting any more of those great cookies for awhile ...

SKIN: Redgrave
HAIR: Plume
EYES: Fashism
LASHES: Amacci
JEWELLERY: J & W Jewellers
DRESS: Morea Style
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