Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mrs Plum In The Library.


I hated playing games with my brother when I was growing up ...


Mainly because he always cheated or made up his own rules and then walked around with plastic butter in his mouth to pretend it wouldn't melt ...

When we played "Green Ghost" he always managed to hide one of the ghosts in his sock or something so I could never capture them all. When we played "Old Maid" he marked the Old Maid card somehow. When we played "Clue" I would go through all the weapons and finally say .. I guessed all of them - it has to be one of them .. you are cheating ...

And he would say, "NO I AM NOT ... Mrs. Plum did it in the Library with Arsenic."

And I would be like, "WHAT FREAKING ARSENIC??? There is NO Arsenic in CLUE!!"

And he would say something like, "YA, well she snuck it in ..."

And then we would fight and pieces would go flying everywhere and no matter what he was happy because the only possible outcomes for him were either he won, or he didn't lose which was the case when the board goes flying and your grandparents take it away and send you both to your rooms to think about playing nice together.


Sometimes, alone in my room I would fall asleep and I would have wonderful dreams about my brother, dead in the library, of arsenic poisoning ... with a pool of melted butter dripping out his mouth ....

...was that wrong???

SKIN: Glam Affair
HAIR: Mikan
LASHES: Vita's Boudoir
EYES: Fashism
DRESS: Skin Flicks
SHOES: Maitreya
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