Thursday, July 28, 2011

Purple People Eaters.


Another fine example of parental induced trauma that should be explained ...


They run around talking about this monster with one horn and singing so that it is completely implanted in our innocent little brains all about a purple people eater monster and how we are all going to die .... (I may have made that bit up I forget some of the words) and then wonder why we grow up terrified of the colour purple.

See the conspiracy here?? COME ON PEOPLE. *hand clapping my words now* Oprah Winfrey ....The Colour Purple ... subliminal messages????? Not to mention OLD people, fascination with purple everything ...... including their hair?

Wasn't one of the telletubbies purple? AND Barney?????

And what are the colours of EASTER?????

Ok then ... you see it??? No wonder I hate chocolate and am terrified of chickens and bunnies. These people are serious as a heart attack. I am sooo tinfoiling with extra heavy duty tinfoil today.


Don't tell me this doesn't make any sense to you because that is the whole point of the purple people eater conspiracy. You just go tinfoil your head and see if you don't immediately feel safer!!

SKIN: Cupcakes
HAIR: Vanity
LASHES: Damned
EYES: Fashism
DRESS: My Precious
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