Sunday, July 17, 2011

Real Life and Tape.


Like, how annoying is it to go out in an outfit like this in RL all taped up so you don't drop out?


And then that big romantic moment comes and you have to excuse yourself, stuff toilet paper in your mouth to stifle the screams when you rip the tape off, try to get the glue residue off your breasts in a public washroom, ice the red marks, walk back out and get into the car praying neither one of them fall out on the way and then insist that the lights be turned off while you play tonsil hockey so that he does not see the marks.

It is even more embarrassing the next morning when you wake up together and there are bits of fluff and other things stuff stuck to the residual glue marks....

And I don't care that my brother said to me 1 - you have to have breasts to worry about taping anything and 2 - next time DON'T use duct tape.


So that is why I love SL so much .. there is no gravity here. So now I just carry my lap top around with me and show my hubby a pic of me in SL like this one. And ask him to pay no attention to the real me sitting across from him. I promise him I will use my projector when we get home and put the picture up above the bed. I think life is much simpler this way.

SKIN: Red Queen
EYES: Mojo
LASHES: Damned
HAIR: Discord Designs
DRESS: Diram
SHOES: Baiastice
POSES: Just A Pose and On The Cover
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