Monday, July 25, 2011

Sailing the Prairie Seas.

seaside 1

I remember playing sailor in the bathtub with my brother and we had these little boats and he always insisted he was the Captain ...

seaside 2

As we got older and played sailors on the creek below the house, we used a homemade raft or an old row boat Aardvark brought home from a sale once. Sadly, THAT boat met with an unfortunate accident when the Prairie Life Guards (world renowned for their fresh water rescues amidst the wheat fields) had to make a tough choice between saving the boat or my brother. I really advocated for the boat because it seemed simple to me .. save the boat save the captain ....

seaside 3

I told my brother that ALWAYS playing captain came with some awesome responsibilities that I was not sure he was prepared to meet. I also talked to him about potential mutinies, being lost at sea, cannibalism on shipwrecked islands ... all while I was sinking the boat and he was tied up on the floor with the name tag "captain" straight pinned into his chest ....

He got off pretty easy but learned an important life lesson about the sea, the way of the prairies, leadership ... and his sister ....

That's what growing up on the prairies is really all about ...

HAIR: 69
EYES: Fashism
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