Wednesday, July 27, 2011

To Sun or Not to Sun - Oh Hell What Does It Matter? Either Way We Are Going to Die.


It is so hard to know what to do anymore when you go outside.


They tell us GO OUT in the sun because we are almost all suffering from Vitamin D deficiency. If we don't get more Vitamin D we might die. So I tell that to my teachers and hand them the note from mom saying "Please excuse Bliss from her Math Test today, she will be at the beach, as the doctors have said this is necessary or she may die from Vitamin D deficiency." Talk about being anti pro activity … those teachers have a lot to answer for and the cruel irony of the big red "D" you scrawled across my test paper is NOT lost on me buddy … when I die, they will know to come looking for you. I have the whole thing documented, have made a video with sad music and it is going VIRAL!!! Then we will see who is laughing!

And then they say DON'T go out in the sun cause you will get skin cancer and die. And I am like which freaking death is it? Too much sun, not enough sun … what about mushrooms they live in shit and no sun and they are like not dead … they ARE nearly as white as I am .. but not dead!! I tried handing my friends at the beach the note from my mom that said, "Please excuse Bliss and her pasty whiteness but she has had to stay indoors so she doesn't die from skin cancer, she will not be able to play beach volleyball with you today," and I just ended up eating sand.

So now I am sitting here so greased up that they are concerned about the oil spill, with a big hat, every inch of my skin covered, sunglasses, popping vitamin D and wondering what it is about me exactly that men do not find attractive …


Am I the only one who doesn't get why we have to look ugly so that we look better later on? Like if you are beautiful in a forest and all alone … does anyone really care? "Old reclusive cat woman dies at the age of 123. She never married, never had a friend, but damn she is preserved well. Open Casket for this one folks!!"

SKIN: Dutch Touch
HAIR: Fashionably Dead
LASHES: Damned
EYES: Fashism
SHOES: PixelMode
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