Friday, July 22, 2011

Wedding Costumes.


I caught a commercial the other day for a wedding show. The guests were seated in a beautiful outdoor garden setting and the when it came time for the rings, a half naked man climbed out from the rocks and slithered to the front hissing .. GOLLUM!!


OMG I missed out again .. I would have so incorporated costumes into my wedding had I known that was allowed. But what with all those shotguns and grumpy faces ... it was hard to let my creative self out .. you know? Just think of the fun?

I could do Snow White with the Ugly Stepmother ... or Lion King and I know who could be the "wildebeast!!" Loin cloths for all the good looking guys ... Or The Wizard of OZ and keep you know who behind the curtain OR better yet .. in Kansas!!!

And then I saw a commercial for the Gypsy weddings ... again .. OMG .. I feel so ... minimized ... so contained .. I wanna do it over again ....I have sooo many ideas now ...Where are THOSE wedding books on the news stands???

It doesn't even have to be MY wedding, I could have done more at my children's weddings to humiliate them .. I know I'll be a Wedding Planner!!!


Our lives were not nearly influenced enough by Television growing up ... I feel sooo cheated.

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