Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Weird Girls I Went To School With.


There was a girl at school who swore she was a witch. Everyone else just swore at her .. a lot.


She drew pics of women with knives in their throats and blood running all over the place which went over really well in the little school house in the prairies ... lots of tolerance and understanding for her there let me tell you ...

She had kind of this wonky eye and she dressed really weird and damn she fascinated me. My other friend got invited over there a lot and talked about nights when it was windy and the moon was out and her and her mother saying it was a perfect night and going out ... I don't know to do what .. ride broomsticks maybe?? My friend always stayed inside ... under the bed ...

The really freaky thing is she could talk to me telepathically and she used to try and scare me, telling me things she was going to do to me .. like kill me .. you know .. which I declined on account of I was not allowed to be killed .. Grandparents .. strict rules you know ....


It was kinda cool for doing exams and stuff except that when we both had the same "boil 3 toads, add eye of newt .." answer for a cooking class quiz on a recipe for meatloaf we were busted.

We were never really friends per se ... we just had a friend in common that I was willing to sacrifice to her at the first sign of trouble. But she didn't hate me which I thought was a bonus on account of the whole ... "this is how I would like to kill you conversation." I told her I appreciated her artistic efforts and the creativity of it all, but I really was still grounded from being killed. I went to the city to finish high school, we drifted apart, lost touch .... but I thought of her at graduation and I bought her a swell broom for a graduation present but .....

.... by then she had moved on to prostitution. We all grow up eventually.

SKIN: Dream Ink
HAIR: Plume
EYES: Fashism
LASHES: Amacci
TATTOO: White Widow
DRESS: Morea Style
SHOES: Taboo
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