Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Apologizing for Where My Mind Went.


I woke up this morning and apologized to my husband.


"What for?" He wanted to know .. and I have to say he sounded hopeful ...

"I lost the car in this sludgey looking bay, it kinda slipped in when I was talking to the guy on the elephant."

"What elephant?? what???"

"The one that was following me and was telling me that the Aliens that were after me were not what they seemed and that I should "transverse the uncommon."

He turned to look at me to see if I was actually awake and as I was sitting up in bed and usually when I am not awake I am laying down, he jumped right to a conclusion that I was indeed awake. "I have no idea what you are talking about and frankly, I don't think you do either."

"Yes I do... I am apologizing for losing the car in the sludgey water bay .. I mean that sludge was so gross .. it looked like vomit ... and like I said, the car slipped in when the elephant distracted me so I can't be sure that the aliens didn't orchestrate the whole thing, but what is important is the car went in and then somehow I was in the car and so were you .. you know how dreams go ... and ..."

He was sighing a lot now and trying to get dressed in the dark quicker than I had ever seen him try ... I knew I had to hurry.

"...and I was afraid to jump out the window but somehow we got out and we stood on the shore and didn't know what to do and then the tide went out after awhile and there were all kinds of cars there but not ours .. and no-one could explain it and well ... I am really sorry ..."

"It'll be fine...: and he patted my hand and I knew I was not mistaking the disappointment in his voice then ... I wondered what he had hoped I was apologizing for ...cause I could not think of a single thing I had ever done wrong.

"So how was your night?"

"Did you know that I have been alive for 543,856,921.3 days (that number is not accurate as to the one he gave me .. I wish I could say I was paying attention but frankly I wasn't on account of I was trying to get dressed in the dark as quickly as I could)

"And that is when you knew it was time to get up?" I asked escaping ready to bolt into the hall.

He nodded.

When your mind turns to counting things, or anything math, you just know it is time to get the hell out of Dodge.

I thought about the long nights, laying awake in bed, not able to sleep .. him counting things, me trying to dodge the aliens and talking to elephants ....


... and that folks pretty much sums up the difference between men and women and why women have much richer and fuller lives.

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