Thursday, September 1, 2011



I used to rule at bubblegum contests.


I could put more gum on my mouth and chew it and blow the biggest bubbles. Once blown, it was important to take the gum out of your mouth, bubble intact, and compare it to the other bubbles blown. Sometimes my brother would grab mine and hold it up next to his to be sure before handing it back to me to have another try. This was usually done in the middle of playing in the dirt... next to the horse manure ....and just shy of the pig barn, after we had handled all the kittens, petted the dog and discovered new bugs.

We probably had not washed our hands for hours .... and alcohol was for drinking not wasted on sanitizing your hands every 3 seconds.... and baby wipes were whatever was handy that could wipe ...


And this folks explains why WE invented things like bungy jumps and killer roller coaster rides ... we are "generation live dangerously!"

HAIR: Tukinowaguma
LASHES: Damned
EYES: Fashism
DRESS: Herbie Loire Fashion
EARRINGS: LaPointe & Bastchild
CHOKER: La Forgia
SHOES: Indyra
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