Friday, August 12, 2011

Cuddled to DEATH!


There is a growing number of people being cuddled to death in Second Life and someone has to do something about it before more avatars die. Did you know that there is a fine line between cuddling someone and holding them down so they can't get away?


Lots of people do it in SL. It is a passive form of Gorean and BDSM play for those who want to boss their partner around but can't carry off leather. You just buy a bunch of poses and then tell your partner that you want to "cuddle" and then you loop the pose and stay that way for days.

It is hard for your partner to be dating someone else when you are cuddling them all the time.


And the one thing about Second Life these sicko cuddlemaniacs count on ... is the evidence of being smothered is not that obvious. Avatars don't need to breathe as much as humans do so they have a lot more pillow options. Blue is a colour that some avatars actually choose to wear for skin and hair ... And if you have to get a bit more aggressive in the cuddling you just say the pose malfunctioned or someone turned on the XXX menu. Also the option of blaming LL is always there too.


Look closely at some of those photos of couples cuddling, you can see the silent scream for help in the eyes of the victims. Yup SL is full of the unanswered screams of cuddling victims which is why SAFETY SECOND LIFE recommends that everyone have a BIG HAIRY DUDE ALT (male or female depending on your circles) and that you immediately log out when you are being cuddlerminated and log back in as that alt.

LL is trained to look the other way in these cases. They are really good at doing that and they take the mandate very seriously.

SKIN: Mojo
LASHES: Damned
EYES: Fashism
POSES: Del May
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