Wednesday, August 17, 2011

DIY - Why The World Is Going to Hell In A Hand Basket.


In Australia there is a really popular show where they take couples and put them side by side on this city block and they have to renovate a house each in a really short time.


They have all these competitions and they win money to finish their houses and then they are going to auction them off and see who wins.

Some of them have a little training, some have none, and they can only have help for what they can afford so lots of times they end up doing it mostly themselves .. plumbing, tiling, painting, drywalling, lancscaping .. the whole deal.

I think it is irresponsible for them to show programmes like this.


Because frankly it makes me look at the experts who take three times as long and cost 800X the money and even then don't do as good a job and ask ... what do I need you for?

Now how is this going to help the economy? Economies can only thrive when we are confused, ignorant and feel incapable and helpless. We can't beat inflation unless we are all useless and in need of experts to do stuff for us. I turned the channel back to Super Nanny.

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