Sunday, August 7, 2011

Filthy Alexandra

Filthy Alexandra

I attribute my childhood as having a direct correlation to my success. You cannot be that creative with dirt and not have it bless you for the rest of your life. Inspection time before leaving the house involved checking the hands and face and clothes for dirt and/or wrinkles (thank heavens no-one checks for those now). THAT was the big concern .. that a child representing the family present themselves in public with dirt or a wrinkle appearing anywhere. Which is probably why I did the big rebel and immediately began dating someone who, in his hippie splendifouressness refused to wear shoes - ever - and so when he came to see me, guitar strung to his back, hair flowing in the wind, feet filthy as all get out ... I knew he would so win over the grandparents!!! BUT I met him at a church Youth conference so hey ... it got him in the door.

But you get creative with dirt. Where to hide it, how to hide it, how to ignore it. You learn to work with it and to use it to accomplish great goals .. yup THAT is my secret. The power of DIRT! You just marry an A type personality, x military type dude who knows no-one does it better than him and you just feign unknowingness and wrongdoingness and voila .. a life free of responsibility. AND all because I learned the slight of hand trick of keeping the grandparents focused on the dirt on the hand so that they never ever thought to check my purse where I had a mickey of lemon gin ....

Dirt is the secret to making life magical.

Ohhh and the poet musician hippie dude with the dirty feet .. that was never serious, just a declaration of independence ... I think he is a salesman now .. for a shoe company ...

Filthy Skins

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