Friday, August 19, 2011

It's Akeruka Time!! Give me and "A"....

Akeruka Alessia

You may want to go and get your cheerleading outfit on if you are at home and if at the office at least make yourself some pom poms to twirl around while you read this. I will wait for you while you go to the paper shredder now ..... oh and take big elastics .....

Ready?? GO!!

A is for the Awesomeness that is now you when you wear these skins
K is for King and every King has a QUEEN and that is how you will feel when you wear this skin
E is for the envy of everyone else who will be asking "What is skin is THAT?" as they drool on your perfect prim feet.
R is for the rocking good time you will always have when you wear Akeruka Skins.
U is for the unbelievable quality and beautiousness that defines these skins.
K is for the Kings that will want to date you
A is for the Applesauce that you are AND a side of porkchops.

Put them all together they spell AKERUKA .. and you need to go and get your skins TODAY!!! (I am not sure how many kings there are to go around and first come first served...)

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