Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's a Gift!


I think being able to irritate the hell outta people by just breathing from moment to moment is a gift.


I irritate my neighbour. I have only seen her about 4 times in the past 6 years and one of those meetings was at mediation cause I thought maybe if we had a play date with her and she could see how nice we were she would realize she doesn't have to keep setting bags of dog doo doo on fire on our doorstep. She doesn't actually live next door, she just does drive-by bad neighbouring when she misses us and has some free time.

This neighbour has posted a reward for anyone who comes up with "even hearsay information that they are willing to swear in an affidavit," regarding the "stalker or stalkers" who are "walking around her house late at night to harass the tenants and staring into the house when it is empty, especially staring at the toilet." I can't make this shit up.


It has created quite a stir in the neighbourhood … we are all looking at one another, wondering who is going to turn who in … for the reward I mean … look times are tough. I need to talk to her though and find out if we get more reward if we give her the whole gang of stalkers. I am not trying to pick on stalkers here, I actually am encouraged that they are getting out more, socializing a bit more, meeting other stalkers like themselves. I am just not sure that anyone ever considered the possibility they would start stalking as a gang once they organized meet and greets.

(I'll repost the mediation blog in Forked Nighties for those who need to keep in on the loop .. and also because if I suddenly disappear and you like see one of those crime/news shows one day and they talk about me and my disappearance and then ask for anyone with information to come forward .. YOU can phone in and show them the blogs ...)

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