Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's A Set Up.


I think my mother in law is trying to set me up. She keeps making up ambiguous tasks for me and then claiming that is not what she meant and then she either cries or calls the police .. sometimes both ....


I had to take her shopping again. I know her memory is going and she forgets she swore she would never go alone with me in a car anywhere again, but damn ...

I even played the home movies I took of the last time we went out and how I left her in the women's sturdy underwear department and how they paged me for hours while she had to sit in the room with the little chairs, crayons and stale cookies waiting for me to come and get her .. but she just ate her popcorn and then said it was time to go.

So this time she wanted to go to the bank and she was standing there for hours at the machine with the line-up forming behind her, people swearing, the usual ..... and then she came back to the car and insisted I roll down the window. She was pointing at the piece of paper in her hand and back at the machine....

"Can you help me check my balance, something is not right."

I thought about it for a moment and realized she was serious .... so I got out of the car .... and pushed her over.


It seemed pretty much the same it has always been ... but I am not a banker ...

SKIN: Adam n' Eve
HAIR: Posh
EYES: Fashism
OUTFIT: Graffitiwear
SHOES: Baby Monkey
POSES: Del May
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