Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's A Wonderful Day for A Wedding.


I think we should just do away with tradition and wear wedding dresses when we feel like it.


The way I figure it - keeping them all for that one special day and then creating a closet mausoleum in order to watch them turn from bright white to a sort of dull dirty yellow which frankly, I think is a really cruel way of life commenting back to you - "You think this dress looks bad? Have you looked in the mirror lately?" well ... I don't think that has worked so well for us. I mean we try to make everything about that day special ... we buy clean pretty underwear, we save ourselves for that day, we buy a one time wear dress of virginal white, we throw a big party and invite all our family and closest friends, we pledge undying love until death do us part, and we change our names ...and we still fail.

After a few years the pretty underwear is no different from the rest of the old worn underwear in our drawer .. those little bows fall off, we are still waiting for the big prize for saving ourselves, the one time dress hangs in the closet taunting us with the trip to Europe we could have done for a whole year instead of paying for a stupid dress, we hate our families and we can't even name the "friends" who came to the wedding, who knew that dying could be so drawn out and painful, and the names you call your spouse now never got written down on the license. And shouldn't some licenses just be allowed to expire and unrenewed ... revoked?

So I think, at the very least, women should get some wear out of their old wedding dresses ... if it doesn't fit anymore, trade it in on a smaller one (hey a girl can dream) or wear it on one arm or one leg ... hell leave it unzipped ... put a t-shirt underneath!

Go out into the yard, go shopping, go pick up the kids from school and strut with some damn pride. You paid for that damn dress in ways that people cannot even begin to appreciate and you should wear it whenever you feel like it.


Besides I love it when I am wearing mine and everyone closes their windows and locks their doors .... it gives me an incredible feeling of power and as soon I can figure a way to break back into my house I am going to get the veil ....

SKIN: Akeruka
HAIR: Vanity
EYES: Fashism
LASHES: Damned
DRESS: House of Dashwood
LOCATION: Lost Gardens of Thera
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