Monday, August 15, 2011

Lazy Sunday Morning ....


The morning is painted in a soft gauze of white folded in around the trees, whisps caught and pulled. It is a world cushioned against the light now moving across the sky stretching its golden fingers through the softness, here and there, hinting of a perfect day. Each blade of grass, each leaf etched in silver caught for one spectactlar moment between night and day and slowly the water begins to slip off the leaves.


It is a tranquil Sunday morning, the carolling of the birds fill the air. I sit in the quiet, soaking in every moment, every aspect, every breath of the day. I sip my coffee and smile as the world unfolds out my window … so peaceful .. So beautiful .. So quiet …

And suddenly the air is shattered with "get the hell off me, your breath stinks" as one of the neighbours yells out into the sleepy, quiet Sunday morning …


Reality takes no prisoners, just cattle prods us back to work. Ahhh suburbia in action .. got to love it .. Living the life …

SKIN: Akeruka
HAIR: W&Y Hair
LASHES: Damned
EYES: Fashism
FLOWERS: Ticky Tacky and Flavor Designs
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