Thursday, August 25, 2011

Not Rezzed Yet.


I told my hubby he has to give me space today ...


I got up this morning and there is something wrong with the viewer .. nothing is rezzed yet and I swear he looks ruthed.

I told him he needs to rebake himself and he said " I don't think the oven is big enough," like THAT was supposed to make sense to anyone. Sometimes he just loses the plot and is sooo out of touch with reality ... and NOT funny....

I find that a lot with people. Like at the women's group yesterday they wanted to talk about sabotage in the work place and I was like, "listen .. we need to get priorities right here ... how is mesh going to impact us and the question I have that no-one is asking is ... does it mean the rest of my inventory is done?"

I hate that when it happens ... like when Walmart decides that leggings and tshirts are out and parachute pants are in ... you can't wear leggings anymore and you have to walk into the closet with the rainbow selection of leggings you picked up at a bargain of a price at the end of last season and just feel the loss .. it is painful painful stuff....


So I am going to sit here until the world rezzes properly and my fingers are not grey blobs or until LL comes up with a viewer that works better in RL .... I want them to fix that bug where people don't see what I see .... it gets hard holding up "Bliss on a stick," in front of me all the time.

HAIR: Truth
EYES: Fashism
SHOES: Sugar
LOCATION: Spring Glass Pavillion

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