Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tattoos Don't Just Happen You Know.


I tried creative parenting.

You know how there are all these unwritten rules with kids like if you buy them crayons and paper the crayons go on everything else .... except the paper. You can rant and rave about using only the paper but it doesn't work. Marking pens ...for kids they have to go on skin as this is the gateway drug to all things tattoo. Ask any tattooed person and you will find that in their childhood they all wrote with black marking pen on themselves. I think it is the fumes. Albeit the kitties and pretty ladies they drew back then were not as sophisticated .. but that was how it started.

I tried reverse psychology and insisted they not draw on paper but use the walls and themselves only. I ranted, I raved ... I was adamant and then retired to my bedroom high fiving myself for outsmarting them.


Like that was the first and only time they ever listened to anything I said ... damn kids pick the stupidest times to be good.

SKIN: Essences
HAIR: Dernier Cri
LASHES: Wasabi Pills
EYES: Fashism
TATTOO: SE*Designz
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