Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tip Toeing Right Into It.


I was shopping the other day ...


And a very attractive younger couple were walking around in a daze. She stopped to look on one side of the display - he on the other ... when he boomed out ... "Hey,what was it you were complaining about not having the other day?"

About a dozen of us women, older and wiser, did an Exorcist head spin, that only women with male stupidity radar can do, and a collective gasp resounded throughout the store temporarily drowning out the loudspeaker anouncements for the big sale going on right now in lingerie. The man stopped dead in his tracks like a stag caught in the headlights of a oncoming train driven by the head Feminist of all things women hold sacred. We looked at one another and made clucking sounds, rolled our eyes and shared the unspoken message of our eyes .... " I CANNOT believe he just said that! In PUBLIC!!!"


Perfectly trained little men trotted obediently to their wives sides and immediately offered ... "He should have said something more like, 'Hey honey, what was it you mentioned the other day you needed?' Right dear???" And women nodded and patted their husbands hands reassuringly ....

The woman in question was also holding her husband's hand ...ever so tightly ... as she led him out of the store ...

There was going to be some ass whooping in the old town when she got him back into the car!!!

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SHOES: Alegria
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