Friday, August 26, 2011



I was shopping for a birthday present the other day and stopped to look at a bin full of costumes to see if there was anything interesting for dress up.


I found a Batman costume and the warning label stated that the costume did not enable you to fly.

I was sooo relieved to read them taking responsibility like that .... I mean some people might argue it is cruel to dash the hopes and curb the spirit of little kids like that but I disagree. The kids will be fine, but the adults HAVE to be roped in and they need to hear the truth.

I am going to cut that out and make sure that I keep it so I can talk hubby off the roof the next time he is up there with his leotards, his speedo, and the towel around his neck.


I just wish they would put warnings on power tools like "WARNING - use of this power saw does not guarantee that the kitchen will ever be finished."

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EYES: Fashism
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LIP RING: Milestone Creations
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PURSE: Chuculet
POSES: Del May
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