Friday, August 5, 2011

When I Grew Up ....


When I was younger I wanted to be a Saloon Girl when I grew up. I mean come on .. All the booze you wanted AND you got to hike your dress up over your head and no-one spanked you???


And besides everyone always knew that the Saloon Girl was really just a good girl with no options, forced by the cruelties of life to dance … although it took some time to register that holding the cowboys hand and leading him up the stairs was a different kind of "dance" all together … but in the illusions of my childhood … Saloon Girls were where it was at. They got to wear better dresses than the ones who sat in the buggy in tents of dresses where they hid some of the livestock from the farm, and a bonnet squishing their face and choking them .. demanding their husband come out of the saloon. THOSE women looked too much like my mother …. THOSE were the women that got left in the prairie shack so marauding packs of outlaws, Indians,or Wolves could get them. If they survived that then the dust storms, tornados , prairie fires or stampeding buffalo or cattle got them. Men far out lived the women in those days …. WHY?? Because they weren't home much .. they were in the Saloons with the dancing girls.

I know that people talk about the princess complex … girls think life is a fairy tale and the prince will come on his white horse and sweep them off their feet and they will ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after … but on the prairies boys don't wear leotards.

Nope on the prairies you have a guy in old ripped clothes, sweating, sun burned, wrestling cows and pigs, bow legged and bent from riding all those horses, picking his teeth with a stalk of wheat … and you hope that one day he walks into the saloon and you can get him drunk enough to take him upstairs.


Isn't that magical?

SKIN: Divine Perfection
HAIR: Raspberry Aristrocrat
LASHES: Damned
EYES: Fashism
OUTFIT: Reasonable Desires
BOOTS: Bax Coen
POSES: Del May
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