Friday, September 2, 2011

Anie Anie Bo Banie ....


Another release from the folks who bring you Filthy Skins. I like to tell my mom that I am wearing Filthy Skins these days ... I particularly like to do it in the middle of her "women teas." Who knew that tea was gender specific but ya the women .. they do tea and they act all dignified and proper and I show up and one of them pats my head and eventually asks "and what are you up to do these days Bliss?"


I ignore my mother in the background waving her hands with the horrified look on her face like she is trying to wave off a jumbo jet from landing.

"I am sooo glad you asked, Esther. Well these days I have been working with Filthy Skins ... I like the subtle shading and the breasts are quite nice."


Mostly I like the money being stuffed in my hand and the encouragement to go out and buy myself something pretty as my mom pushes me out the door ... SL has made RL so meaningful you know ... and real ....

Filthy Skins
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