Sunday, September 4, 2011

Body Language


 It is pretty much proven that men don't get subtle body language ...


 Unless they are going to do a tv show about a quirky profiler .. then they can read a discarded fingernail and decipher which library book they took out 8 years ago. It is all part of the big push for TV to be more realistic. Men tend to only get the obvious stuff, but not always. Most men get that the body language where a woman slaps you across the face - is not a good thing. Most likely, you are safe to assume, the answer is "no." They miss many of the more subtle signs, the slamming down of their dinner in front of them, the rolling of the eyes, .. that the wife and kids moved out 3 weeks ago .... all of these things identifying a serious problem for men, they seem to miss important body language in their communications.


 Which is probably why so many men get eaten by sharks and bears ..... 

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