Thursday, September 15, 2011

Danielle Gives 'em Hell.


I played a lot of basketball and I always wondered at the lack of creativity shown by the cheerleaders .. you know "Mary Mary she's our man, if she can't do it no-one can?" Except Mary was not a man. Jocks are not big into sexist arguments.

I tried to get them to try rhyming it to the name but you can see the problem .. Bliss/Kiss??? Mary/Fairy??

So then I started a movement to get people to think about these things when naming their little girls. I just shoved over the pro-life demonstrators and got a bull horn and started screaming at expectant moms as they wheeled them in ... "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GIVE YOUR DAUGHTER A DECENT BASKETBALL NAME. "

You have to admit .. "Danielle Danielle - give 'em hell ... "now THAT is a basketball name anyone could be proud of.

(PS ... of course if you can do the Haka well enough - you can skip the cheerleaders all together)

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