Friday, September 16, 2011

Flapping in The Breeze.


I like the Flapper look with a modern twist .. cause Millie .. she was thoroughly modern.


We did a play in high school about the Roaring Twenties and I tried out for the lead. The teacher said I had the perfect voice for it and based on that I had won the role hands down .... but they gave it to the girl who sang opera instead.

They did that on account of her real life boyfriend had the male lead, of and I was only 12 although I would be 13 by the time the play was on. They felt romance scenes might be inappropriate - like I did not know how to kiss the back of my hand romantically and couldn't easily project a hand on his face and pretend ...


That's when I learned some important life lessons.

1. Prairie Theatre was not interested in quality.
2. Singing is really irrelevant to musicals.
3. Those joints actually were just make-out joints back then.
4. Girls were not supposed to kiss boys who were 4 years older than them although THAT rule clearly did not apply to teachers - or THAT teacher who while protecting me from the boy, felt free to help himself to my lips.
5. I clearly NEVER understood the casting couch concept.

The result? You have not heard "I Want To Be Loved By You" until you have heard it done in full opera. The leading couple broke up ... evidently she kissed like a fish. The teacher took some time off so he could walk without grimacing. I never tried out for another play. And the prairie wheat waves hiding a plethora of secrets.

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