Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm Sorry Grandma Missed the Bra Burning ... BUT ....


They burned their bras in the Seventies.


Which became a symbol worldwide of female independence. We were free, no more restrictions put on us by a world that insisted that being a woman was "less than." We were so free we refused to be contained, ashamed, hidden ... We refused to be sex objects, denied our own interests, relegated to housework. It was an incredible time and one hell of a good story as to why we were naked in the park with all of those people ....


I would just like to say here though ... for all you seniors ... sorry you missed those important demonstrations, what with having to bake all those cookies and everything ... but they are over, the point was made ..... and you seriously need to put your bras back on ... please ....

PS .. here's an " 1 <3 Feminists" button ... pin it to your dress ... it will give that bra a bit more support.

HAIR: Je Republic
EYES: Fashism
LASHES: Damned
SHOES: LeLutka
POSES: TuttiFrutti
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