Friday, September 16, 2011



Some women worry that they might not look as good as everyone else.


They spend hours buying the right dress and primping and preening before the mirror. They have been waxed and shellacked, kneaded and sculpted, cut and dried, fluffed and puffed, lipsticked and powdered ....

Really when you think about it ... how you look is really about the paint job. We women are like those tacky lawn gnomes all white and plain - handed out to be painted in senior ceramics 101, we are undecorated Christmas trees, we are cakes without icing ....


And then we ask the guy who is in jeans and a tshirt, who we have to cattle prod to get to do the lawn, who thinks as long as a Christmas tree has shiny stuff thrown at it and 5000+ Christmas lights, and who thinks beans and franks WITH beer is a gourmet meal .... for his opinion - when no matter WHAT he says, he will be wrong .... and to blame.

I have given up all of that now .. I just close my eyes, walk into my closet and get dressed. I figure I have a one in three chance of looking great. And if not, I will either embarrass the heck out of the kids OR someone might share the loose change from their pocket. As you get older people don't judge you quite as harshly and they move you to the front for the buffet lines!!

Its a win win win situation and I save on tons of stress.

SKIN: Art Body Store
HAIR: Son!a
EYES: Fashism
LASHES: Damned
JEWELLERY: Meghindo's
OUTFIT: My Precious
SHOES: Stiletto Moody
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