Monday, September 5, 2011

My Bucket List.


Some things you never get over.


 I am a big chicken when it comes to riding on all those terrifying rides at theme parks and I carry the deep ugly scars of the taunting and ridicule .. That is why, on my bucket list ... I have one request before I am buried .... I want to go to all the theme parks and have my picture taken on the rides ... just to prove I conquered it all. You know .. inspirational pics for the grand kids and great grand kids. "Look, it is never ever too late, you can do it ... look at your Great Grandmother Bliss .. what a shining example."


 Yup, just let them embalm me, get the pics, take me back for the funeral and Bob's Your Uncle!! 

 SKIN: Al Vulo HAIR: MrS LASHES: Damned EYES: Fashism DRESS: aDiva EARRINGS: Pen's Gems POSES: Maitreya
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