Thursday, September 22, 2011

The NEW Way to Smooth Wrinkles and Plump Breasts.


I am not sure about this one but I heard that there is a treatment they use in Bangkok to increase breast size and to reduce wrinkling etc.


Let me describe: Take hands, slap the crap out of face or breasts, repeat, repeat, repeat vigorously, stop, wait a few moments, good to go.

They swear this works.

I am convinced.

Slap anything long enough and it will eventually swell and plump which, by the way, smooths those wrinkles out like nobody's business.

My brother once had an allergic reaction to aluminum .. he was putting together an aluminum granary at the time and was on the inside. Imagine being allergic to cat fur and being in a room lined with cat fur and you get the idea. He became so swollen he looked like a bright pink balloon with squinty little eyes, some ruffled bits at the end of his feet and his hands and the rest of him was as smooth as smooth could be. I tried to tie a string to him and hang him out the ambulance window on the way to the hospital proving only that appearances can be deceiving. He may have looked like a balloon but he didn't behave like a balloon at all.


Why am I telling you this? Well slapping hurts. I am thinking you could skip that and just rub aluminum, cat hair or whatever you are allergic to all over your breasts and face. In fact I am going to pack up some old coke cans, the neighbours cat and a tent and set up a booth in the mall for facials and boob jobs. I may not be back depending on how much money I make this aft ...

HAIR: Vanity
LASHES: Damned
EYES: Fashism
GOWN: Ley Li
POSES: TuttiFrutti
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