Saturday, October 1, 2011

On Being Naked Tastefully.


Ever noticed how this works in life.


When you have the hot body and everything is perky you are told that you should be more modest and everyone is trying to cover you up and warning you about all the perverts out there.

Then you get working and everyone warns you about your image and being taken seriously and so you should really rethink the strapless, backless, plunging neckline, barely there skirt - dress. Opt for a dressy pantsuit instead.

Then you are pregnant and have kids and everyone says you are a mother now and you have to think about what your children think of you so here .. have a shawl.

And then suddenly you are older and you if you even think of wearing something slightly revealing (by that I mean not quite down to your ankles and 3/4 sleeves) people scream about where is your dignity and suggest you wear the mu-mu instead.


So like exactly when did we get to be naked? I never got to meet any perverts, I am not sure anyone ever took me seriously, my kids still don't respect me and dignity is really expensive and boring....

Oh yah .. THAT is exactly why Second Life is so much fun!!!

SKIN: [Acide] [Katsucide] Sandra Light Tiger
HAIR: 69 Chrome brown Chestnut
EYES: ! FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Rose Pale
LASHES: Apple May Designs
JEWELLERY: Dark Mouse Nouveau Flower - Gold
DRESS: SAS - Twilight Apricot
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