Thursday, September 29, 2011

Over Exaggerated Lizards.


I am the first to admit that it takes some getting used to the "critters" in Australia.


I think that is mainly because of the size. I mean if they were to show you little spiders and then work their way up ... you could get sensitized BUT NO you just one day here what sounds like a herd of horses racing towards you, the light goes dim and you turn around and there you are, blocked in the living room with a Huntsman bearing down on you.

It is the same with the snakes and lizards. Here is a hint .. when the snake needs 8 aquariums to loop itself into .. THIS is not a good introductory snake. And a Perentie Lizard is not a good one on the lizard side.

And husbands are no help. We came upon a big purplish Perentie in the middle of the forest one day and I froze and he is calmly walking on without me telling me to stop standing still and acting like a tree or the lizard will climb me. ... (gee that would take it 2 steps considering the size of it)


From the day forward I have spent the rest of my days here in Australia walking around in the most untree like manner possible.

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