Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Personal Fitness for the Depressed.


It is never a good sign when your personal trainer breaks down in the middle of a session crying because she is depressed and is not sleeping at night no matter how many valiums she takes.


I hate it when you have to make a choice between squatting five more times or patting someone "there there" on the back while dripping sweat. I love being cuddly when I am sweaty. It can be a real bonding experience.

At 22 where do you begin? Hello, are you insane? Valium to sleep? You told me that exercise releases endorphines into your body and helps you sleep better, now here you are, the expert, telling me you are depressed and can't sleep. Why do I pay you thousands of dollars again?

Suddenly I was not as hopeful about my chances of success and I was feeling a tad depressed. Going to the gymn is just not what it used to be.


I have to get me some valium .. It is going to be a long night ...

SKIN: Staged, HAIR: Lamb , EYES: Fashism, LASHES: Damned, OUTFIT: !Right, SHOES: Ingenue
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